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Benefits Bulletin: The CARES Act – What Employers Need to Know

March 30, 2020

On March 27, 2020, the U.S. Congress enacted the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) to provide $2.2 trillion in federal funding designed to provide financial assistance for those struggling as a result of the coronavirus (COVD-19) outbreak. The new law also includes several provisions affecting health plan coverage. This Bulletin summarizes the …

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Coronavirus Stimulus Direct Payments FAQ

March 26, 2020

Congress is close to passing a $2 trillion stimulus bill to help offset the financial burdens created by coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The bill proposes to send direct payments to Americans. This article contains answers to questions employees may have about those payments. It will be updated when more specifics are released. Download bulletin HERE. …

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FAQs for COVID-19 and Group Health Plans

March 24, 2020

This Benefits Bulletin provides answers to the most frequently asked questions VCG has received regarding the impact of COVID-19 on group health plans. Please note this is a living document that we will continue to update as we receive developments. VCG is here for you – please reach out if you need further clarification or …

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COVID-19 HR & Employee Benefits Webinars

March 23, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is an emergent situation in the workplace and we know employers have questions related to their business, safety of their employees, and new legislation with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. To help answer your questions, we have created two on-demand webinars presenting on the recent changes and what employers should be …

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Benefits Newsletter 3/17/20

March 17, 2020

In this issue: CMS Publishes FAQs to Ensure Individuals, Issuers and States have Clear Information on Coverage Benefits for COVID-19 IRS Grants COVID-19 Relief for High-Deductible Health Plans Employer Obligations Under the Proposed Families First Coronavirus Act (H.R. 6201) HHS Gives New Guidance on Drug Manufacturer Coupons and Out-of-Pocket Maximums New Federal Rules Will Let …

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Benefits Bulletin: Health Plan Coverage for COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

March 12, 2020

In response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the federal and state governments have been working with insurance commissioners and carriers to expand access to testing and treatment. Part of the response includes actions to remove cost barriers to services that could otherwise discourage individuals from seeking care. Read Full Bulletin HERE.       …

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Benefits Bulletin: HIPAA Special Enrollment Rights

March 10, 2020

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), certain employer-sponsored health plans must provide special enrollment opportunities outside of the plan’s normal enrollment periods. Unlike the mid-year election change rules under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, HIPAA’s enrollment opportunities – referred to as special enrollment rights – are mandated. Consequently, employers that …

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Benefits Buzz: March 2020

March 5, 2020

This month’s Benefits Buzz discusses the Supreme Court’s decision to deny motions to expedite the Affordable Care Act lawsuit, Texas v. Azar, and the Department of Health and Human Service’s final rule that increases the civil monetary penalties for HIPAA violations.                            

Benefits Newsletter 3/4/20

March 4, 2020

In this Issue: Supreme Court Grants ACA Petitions March 1 Deadline for New Jersey Employers to Offer a Pre-Tax Transportation Proposed Regs Address Penalties for MSP Reporting Violations HIPAA Privacy Rule Still Applies for Employers Amid 2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Commuter Benefits: A Summary of Local and State Mandates IRS Concludes There Is No Statue …

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Live Well, Work Well: March 2020

March 2, 2020

The Live Well, Work Well newsletter is an employee newsletter that is produced monthly and covers topics like health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and personal finance. This month’s newsletter discusses healthy eating on a budget, healthy sleep habits and the 2019-20 flu season.                          

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