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Contact Tracing in the Workplace

August 6, 2020

With the coronavirus barely under control and no vaccine in sight, employers are considering every option for keeping their workers safe while still keeping their businesses afloat. “Contact tracing” is one of those options. This article explains more. Download article HERE.                      

Live Well, Work Well August 2020

August 5, 2020

The Live Well, Work Well newsletter is an employee newsletter that is produced monthly and covers topics like health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and personal finance. This month’s newsletter discusses sorting out coronavirus fact from fiction, sun safety tips and probiotics. Download newsletter HERE.                      

EEOC Expands COVID-19 Return-to-Work Guidance

July 30, 2020

On June 11, 2020, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued more guidance concerning COVID-19 and return to work. This article compiles some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) from the new guidance. Download article HERE.                      

HR Newsletter 7/29/20

July 28, 2020

In this issue: U.S. Department of Labor Releases New FMLA Forms and Requests Public Input on Existing Regulations Three Big Unsettled Pandemic Labor Law Questions Boy, I Need a Vacation: FAQs Regarding Employee Travel and PTO Employers, Are All Of Your Employees Requesting FFCRA Leave This Fall? NLRB OKs Emergency COVID-19 Work Rule Changes and …

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Determining Whether a COVID-19 Case Is Work-related

July 27, 2020

This HR Insights piece will provide an overview of how employers can determine when a COVID-19 case is work-related, OSHA requirements for reporting illness and best practices for responding to an employee’s positive COVID-19 test. Download article HERE.                      

Monitoring Remote Workers

July 20, 2020

This HR Insights article provides a general overview of the pros and cons of monitoring remote workers and outlines general best practices for doing so. Download article HERE.                          

HR Newsletter 7/15/20

July 15, 2020

In this issue: Message From Courts to CEOs: Stay In Your Lane U.S. Supreme Court Broadens Application of Ministerial Exceptions in Employment Discrimination Lawsuits Notice 2020-54 Requires Reporting of Qualified Sick Leave Wages and Qualified Family Leave Wages Under FFCRA DOL Issues Guidance on Eligibility for FFCRA Paid Leave for Summer Camp and Program Closures …

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Preparing for a Second Wave of COVID-19 Cases

July 10, 2020

This HR Insights article discusses how businesses across the country can prepare for a potential second wave of cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Download article HERE.                        

HR Brief – July 2020

July 6, 2020

This month’s HR Brief looks at the DOL’s revised fluctuating workweek overtime method and examines recruiting efforts post-coronavirus. Download brief HERE.

HR Newsletter 7/1/20

July 1, 2020

In this issue: Is COVID-19 Fakery a Federal Crime? Return to Work:  OSHA Obligations in the Event an Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19 DOL Issues Final Rule on Fluctuating Workweek Method of Computing Overtime under Fair Labor Standards Act OSHA Revises COVID-19 Enforcement and Workplace Illness Recording Policies Fewer Commissioned Employees Eligible for Overtime Under …

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