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18May 2018

IRS Announces 2019 HSA and HDHP Limits

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The 2019 Health Savings Account (HSA) Contribution Limits have been announced and plan participants will see a slight increase in the amount they can contribute.  The single contribution maximum will increase by $50 to $3,500 and the family maximum will increase by $100 to $7,000. The annual catch-up contribution for workers over age 55 will remain at $1,000. In order [...]

29Apr 2018

IRS Provides Relief Regarding Family HSA Contributions

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On April 26th the IRS announced that the 2018 Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution limit for family coverage will be $6,900.  This is welcome relief in response to the March change that reduced the limit by $50 possibly putting some participants at risk for excess contributions.  The HSA limit for individual coverage remains as originally announced at $3,450.  Participants who [...]

9Apr 2018

2018 Health and Welfare Compliance Dates

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This chart summarized the key filing and disclosure requirements in connection with group health and welfare plans. Deadline Requirement Description January 31 Form W-2s Employers that filed 250 or more Form W-2s in the prior year must report the cost of employer sponsored group health coverage in Box 12, using Code DD. February 28 or April 2 Form 1094-B and [...]

2Apr 2018

Disability Claims Rules are Effective April 1, 2018 – What Does This Mean for Employers?

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Effective April 1, 2018, plans that include disability benefits and are subject to ERISA must comply with new procedural protections issued by the Department of Labor (DOL). Entities that administer disability benefit claims, including insurance carriers and third-party administrators, will need to revise their claims procedures to comply with the final rule. Because the changes relate to claims and appeals [...]

30Mar 2018

Walmart is in Preliminary Talks to Buy Humana

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News broke yesterday about talks between Walmart, Inc. and Humana, Inc., which may include the possible acquisition of Humana by Walmart.  If this leads to a deal, it would be the latest in a series of acquisitions in the health care industry including CVS’s announcement to buy Aetna and Cigna’s deal to buy Express Scripts. VCG will continue to watch [...]