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Spring and Internships are Coming Soon

The beloved groundhog Punxsutawney Phil has predicted the remaining duration of winter. While the prediction isn’t what most hoped for, with six more weeks of winter weather, we are moving closer to spring every day. While we steadily progress towards longer days and better weather, many employers are navigating a competitive talent landscape and creating short-term and long-term staffing plans to meet their business needs.

One strategy employers can use to meet some of their workplace staffing needs and build a future pipeline of talented workers is to establish summer internship programs. These programs can benefit both employers and interns if conducted properly, a true win-win. Employers can provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and advance their skills while completing tasks and projects that full-time staff may not have been able to carve out time for or complete without additional help.

When creating internship programs, employers need to establish the proper protocols and make sure they are compliant with applicable laws. In addition to meeting compliance requirements, there are other considerations for employers in developing and implementing successful internship programs. This HR brief will cover some key compliance requirements and address some general best practices related to internship programs.

Download brief HERE.

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