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VCG’s consultants bring a powerful combination of formal education and extensive practical experience to consulting and outsourcing. As a team, we’ve held leadership positions in some of the country’s largest consulting firms, as well as mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies. While the depth and breadth of our experience and knowledge help us attract clients, it is our approach that explains why our clients keep us around:

We believe in organizational alignment. The benefit and HR strategies we help you create are designed to advance your organization’s strategic priorities.
We go well beyond recommendations. We provide full-spectrum consulting—from research and planning through implementation and evaluation.
We don’t consider our expertise a proprietary secret. We openly share our knowledge to increase your capabilities.
In our view, there’s no such thing as a “best practice”—one size does not fit all. The solutions we recommend are as unique as your organization.
We are independent and unbiased. We’re not tied to specific providers or technologies, nor do we market pre-packaged services. We are completely free to recommend the right solution for each individual client.
You’ll never hear us say, “It’s not personal.” We have earned a reputation for delivering highly personalized and hands-on service, resulting in long-lasting client partnerships.